Minor Home Repairs


Handy Man Repairs

The following list is not exhaustive; if your home needs minor repairs
or you need chores performed that are not indicated on this list,
please ask us. This list is subject to change at the discretion of
Build or repair wheelchair ramps
Change/install locks and deadbolts
Drywall repairs
Fix doors – (doors that don’t latch, doors that catch, loose hinges,
squeaky doors)
Fix ice maker on refrigerator
Fix leaky faucets
Fix plugs on appliances
Fix toilets
Garage doors – (bad rollers, broken handles, broken retention
springs, replace motors)
General electrical repairs – (checking bad outlets, blown fuses)
Grouting/caulking/weather stripping
Install handrails
Install grab bars
Install window air conditioning units
Minor cabinet repairs – hinges, knobs
Minor concrete patches and repairs
Pest removal – mousetraps, wasps’ nests
Reglue linoleum and retack carpeting
Repair fences
Replace garbage disposals
Repair or replace a light fixture
Repair screens in storm doors and windows
Replace door bell chime (interior and exterior)
Replace dryer hoses/clean vents
Unclog sink traps and toilets
Assemble furniture (desks, tv cabinets, etc.)
Change lightbulbs
Change toilet seats
Flip mattresses
Haul boxes
Hook up electrical equipment
Install shelves
Move furniture
Picture hanging
Replace batteries in smoke detectors
Replace filter in furnace
Snow removal (in emergencies only)
Touch up painting

Bath Room Remodeling

We have very experienced handy-people who are well equipped to remodel most all interior bathrooms. Our contractors are hand-picked to do your remodeling as your specific needs & budget allows. Please allow use to send one of our honest and fair remodeling handy-people to look over your particular needs & give you a FREE estimate. As always we are ALL locally owned and operated small business people who are here to server your particular needs as well as to support our own families. Thank you for reviewing our web site by Bob Prince Media an ECU ’76 graduate, father, grandfather & resident since 1971.

I will continue to update this POST with pictures and additional information as needed. I plan on adding a “Slide-Show” here for different modeling jobs.




Plumber Job Description

Typical costs:
  • Plumbers’ rates vary significantly by location. In some areas plumbers charge $45 -$75 an hour; in other regions the hourly rate can be $75 -$150. Most plumbers charge a two-hour minimum or a service call fee of $75 -$150, and some plumbers bill a flat fee per job instead of an hourly rate. Either away, exact costs will depend on the complexity and type of work done. For example, it can cost $50 -$200 to have a plumber repair a toilet by replacing the tank mechanism, wax ring (underneath the toilet) or flange (under the wax ring). Replacing a toilet typically costs $150-$600for standard installation of a basic toilet.
  • Unclogging a toilet can cost $65-$250 or more for a simple obstruction in just the toilet andunclogging a drain can cost $50-$450 or more for a simple obstruction. If a plumber needs to “snake” the main sewer line with a cable and cutting head to remove debris and tree roots it can cost $100-$800 or more, depending on the distance snaked. If the pipes are damaged, sewer line replacement can cost $1,000-$25,000 or more, depending on the length and depth of existing pipes, replacement method used and complexity of the project, with a typical cost of$3,000-$6,000 for the traditional dig-up-and-replace sewer technique for an average family home.
  • If a kitchen isn’t already set up for a garbage disposal, running the pipes to add one can cost$100 -$450; the disposal itself can be another $50 -$2,500. A plumber typically charges $200-$500 to install a standard utility sink if the basic hook-ups and vents are already in place, or$500-$1,300 or more to add he basic hook-ups; the utility sink itself can cost another $50-$900or more.
  • Having a plumber install a water heater can cost $300-$3,500 or more for a traditional tank water heater, depending on capacity, quality of materials, length of warranty and any repairs needed to bring the installation up to current building codes. A central, whole-house tankless water heatertypically costs $800-$3,000, or $1,800-$5,000 with installation.
  • If water in a crawlspace or basement is a problem, expect to pay $250-$600 parts and labor to have a plumber install a basic sump pump.
  • Plumbing for new house construction can cost $200 -$800 per fixture in low-cost, rural areas or$800-$1,100 or more per fixture in high-cost urban areas, with a toilet sink and bathtub each considered an individual fixture; a house with 10 fixtures could cost $2,000 -$11,000. Tearing out old pipes and installing copper pipes in a two-bedroom, 1,500-square-foot home can cost$2,000-$15,000 or more, depending on location, the size and condition of the crawlspace under the home, the amount of wall to be torn out and other factors.
  • Grocery Pick Up & Delivery
  • Dry Cleaning Delivery
  • Miscellaneous Shopping
  • Home and Elder Care Sitting
  • Personal Transportation Services
  • Complete Home Cleaning Solutions
  • Yard Cleaning & Minor Repairs
  • Deck-House-Fence Washing

Delivery Fees:

$18.95 plus 12% of Grocery Receipt Total

$5.00 …..For Each Additional Stop
$10.00…..For Same Day Sevice
$10.00…..For After Hours Delivery
$5.00…….Fee For Every 5 miles Out Of Delivery Radious of Pitt County
Credit Cards Are Gladly Accepted With A Surcharge of 4%

Need It Now:
$20 surcharge (plus regular rates).
Call for availability

Delivery Days & Times:
Monday – Saturday, no deliveries on Sunday.
Weekday Delivery Times: 9:00am – 6:00 pm
Saturday Delivery Times: 9:00am – 3:00 pm

Payments Accepted:
We accept checks, cash, and all major credit cards
for the payment of your groceries and our delivery charges.

Some special circumstances however may require a good faith depoist

to be placed toward the purchase of your groceries and service fee.

prior to shopping for our financial protection.

Order Cut-off Time:
6:00pm today for next day delivery.

 On line orders are for next day and later date delivery only.

Please call to arrange any same day delivery service.


Phone: 1 252 531-8672

Additional Service Fees Upon Request